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3 Tips for Saving on Appliance Repair Costs

October 18, 2016

If you have a problem with a household appliance, it may cost much less to have it repaired than to replace it, even if it is an older model. The cost of a part and labor will usually be less than buying another appliance model. In addition, there are ways you can lower the costs associated with repairing a refrigerator, washer or another household appliance.

Check if Local

Many companies who offer appliances repair service St. Peters MO may charge their customers an additional fee if they have to drive a long way to their residence. To avoid this extra charge, try to find a company with an office closer to your area. Hiring a local company will also mean being able to get the repair done faster because they won’t have to drive so far for any parts they may need that are not on their truck.

Discount Fees

Some companies offer discounts on their fees, such as not charging the diagnostic fee if you have them repair the appliance. Other service companies may charge one fee for making a diagnosis and then performing the repairs. When calling about service, ask what their charges are upfront and find out if they charge the diagnostic fee if you have the company repair the problem.

Check for Coupons

When you look up companies online, check to see if they offer any specials for hiring them to repair your appliances. In addition, many companies will offer coupons in local or free newspapers that feature local businesses. Check these sources when you need to have one of your appliances repaired.

Be sure to ask about a company’s qualifications before hiring them to perform any repairs on your appliances. A low price will not be worth the cost if the repair isn’t done correctly the first time.