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Storage in Petaluma

October 18, 2016

One of the best ways to ensure your items are safe at all times is by keeping them in a storage facility. If you happen to live in an area where there is not a great deal of storage space, or you are renting a room in a house because you are in a temporary living situation, you may need a spot to keep all your items. Sometimes you may want to store the more valuable items you own, or you may have some larger furniture and electronics that simply are not going to fit where you are currently living. In all of these cases, the only real solution is a public storage Petaluma facility.

These facilities are great, because they can really allow you to get all the best features of having a storage facility, but they are also incredibly inexpensive. Unlike some of the high end storage facilities, which do not even offer that many new features, you are not going to have to pay an arm and a leg to store your items for a few months. And you are going to deal with a really friendly staff who know what they are doing, which means you will have access to your items at regular business hours seven days a week.

Another reason people love such storage facilities is because of the security. They have guards on the facility on most days, while they also have an electronic gate and perimeter set up, which serves as the only way to get into the facility. And on top of all those measures, your individual storage areas are padlocked, and the only people who have access to the keys are the employees and you. So you can rest easy knowing your items are safe and secure in the storage facility at all times.